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Water Treatment Solutions

The oil and gas industries have an ever-increasing demand for high quality water. Power and Water Alliance provides advanced SWRO (salt water reverse osmosis) and thermal desalination solutions, suitable for municipal and industrial needs.

Power and Water Alliance is able to provide end-to-end solutions that meet the demands of mission critical systems. We deliver high quality, low cost water while adhering to stringent environmental regulations governing waste discharge, CO2 and clean air.

We also offer mobile, containerized, reverse osmosis desalination modules that deliver affordable clean water without chemicals, at a low energy cost. They provide a complete solution with wide range capacity of 500m3/day to 20,000m/day.

Water Scope

Mobile water treatment and desalination systems.


  • Low capital and installation costs
  • Fast delivery
  • Small footprint
  • Flexibility

MED: Multi Effect Distillation

Capacities from 2000 to 200,000M3/day.

MCV: Mechanical Vapour Compression

Up to 30,000M3/day.

Water Treatment:

  • Fracking Water (with desalination)
  • Oilfield produced water
  • Dewatering Cola Bed Methane (CBM)
  • Mine, chemical process, utility, pulp and water textile effluents

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