Generators.Solar and PV.
Power and Water Alliance.


Diesel and steam generators.
Turbine and diesel generators.

Powergen Scope

  • Turbine, diesel, and steam generators with natural gas, HFO, biomass fuel variables and CHP
  • Renewables: Solar and Wind
  • Service setup, commissioning and operation, maintenance plans
  • Site preparation and contingency planning services
  • Fast track emergency response

Power Transmission and Distribution

Power Distribution and Smart Grid

Power and Water Alliance partner with leading technology developers:

Partner with leading technology developers.

to deliver customized solutions to our clients, including:

  • Optimising the integration of alternative energy sources
  • Creating Parallel Distribution Solutions with the broader utility or small, independent power systems
  • Providing 'Plug and Play' portable solutions for high and medium voltage
  • Offering Smart Grid, Smart Substations and Smart Meters
  • Grid interconnection, testing and commissioning
  • Renewables and storage development
  • Transmission and distribution planning
  • Energy Integrated Smart Analytics
  • Energy Market analysis and pricing

Proud Global Market Allies

Caterpillar solar turbines.